Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the college chaos

I never realized how incredibly difficult going back to school would be. I know that it is worth it all. I know this is where Ii am supposed to be right now. but, that doesn't stop my head from wanting to explode. it doesn't stop the pain I get in my gut when I look at all the assignments I have to finish in a matter of weeks or even days.

I would recommend to anyone...Finish school while you have to the freedom to do it without distraction. I know that I am able to enjoy and appreciate what I am learning more than the average kid that just graduated from high school. But, I know that it is definitely a lot easier for them to do it. I have a family, a ministry, a job...these things make classes and homework very difficult to get done, or to at least give what it takes to get something out of it.

Nonetheless. I am loving every minute of this. I could never get the education and the knowledge I am getting anywhere else. I know that I am blessed. And I am thankful.

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