Sunday, September 3, 2006

What a week!

This has been an insane week. For one thing, I started classes again. That is always pretty interesting. especially when you sign up for the remedial-baby-math class and then find out that the class is still too advance for your sorry no-good slacker self. Then on Friday i celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary with the most amazing girl on the planet. But, Friday did not turn out to be super awesome like I had planned for it to be. Let me explain:

First, my love brought down Eli because he had been awake most of the early morning and night, making her extremely tired. Then I spilled almost a full cup of coffee onto the living room carpet. Then after Taneesha came back down stairs and I was leaving I almost forgot completely to wish her a happy anniversary (big mistake). Then, while in chapel, our school was delivered that bad news that one of our best, most respected, most awesome, down to earth, most skilled teachers (and head of the Youth Min. and Ed Min. departments) resigned from both teaching and pastoring because of sexual sin. Then I had to tell my boss that I couldn't accept the position he had offered me even though I had already accepted it. What-a-day!

The news about Dr. Patty was startling. but I happy that he had the courage to come forward in repentance like he did. Not every man could do that. I still and will always hold him in the highest respect an realize and know that the Lord is working in his life.

Well, anyway, all this to say, this has been a crazt week. Oh yeah, and our boys both caught a cold.

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  1. dude, five years of marriage.....congratulations!!!