Monday, April 2, 2007

God in the strangest places

do you ever see God in places that you don't expect to see him? i do all the time. the message at church yesterday was about that in a way. at least we touched on it. it is like Where's Waldo, except with God. what i mean ins you are looking around in all this craziness and then there He places you would never expect to see a bar, or a Dave Matthews song, or wherever. this is just something i think is interesting. maybe God isn't always where i think he is--he seems to be hanging out, our showing himself in the unexpected places. where have you seen God today?

1 comment:

  1. wait wait wait. . .are you listening to Dave Matthews?

    I like this thought - it is true that God has his hands in everything and nothing happens outside of his will. If we could only see him working more, but our eyes are not open to see him in places we don't expect him to be.

    Here is one person who is going to be looking. . .