Wednesday, May 9, 2007

missing my family

I did not expect it to be this hard.

Today I drove Taneesha and the boys to the airport and sent them on their way to California. This is only the first day and I am suffering from family withdrawals. I miss my wife like crazy. I miss my two boys. I hate that they are going to bed without me kissing them goodnight. This is going to be tough. Like I said, this is only day one : day one of eleven!

The longest I have ever been away from my wife is two days and one night in our entire, almost six years of marriage. If you remember, please keep us all in your prayer. I know this is healthy for people (or so they say), but it is tough. Pray that the Lord will draw us near to Him; that we will become independently strong without each other (not relying on each other, but God); and that our love and desire for each other would grow in this time. Oh yeah, and that Taneesha and the boys would have a good time visiting all our friends while i m stuck here in Portland finishing up finals.

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  1. Oh, that's super tough- I hate being separated from Jack for more than a few minutes, and always look forward to seeing Matt at the end of each day- I can't imagine 11 days apart! Hopefully your finals will keep you so busy you won't suffer TOO much.