Monday, July 9, 2007


This last week my family and I were in Nebraska. I have a lot of family out there and Taneesha and the boys had never met any of them, and it had been over seven years since I had been there last.

When I was younger we used to try to visit out there at least once a year. I even spent a couple summers out there by myself. It is a completely different world over there. Different pace, different priorities, different vocabulary.

It was really a nice change of pace for all of us. It also reinforced my desire to someday get my family outside of the city and into the country. We had a blast fishing, horse riding, being out in nature, and just plain ol' hanging out with family and friends. There are certain things that I want to instill into my children and city life takes that opportunity away most times.

If anything, it has encouraged me that for now, I need to be more intensional and focused in my life and in my parenting. I need to keep my priorities right and distractions at a minimal.

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