Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy US!

In two days Taneesha and I will be celebrating our Sixth Wedding Anniversary! It is crazy to look back and to see how far we have come, in so many different aspects of our lives since that day. God is good. God is faithful. These things are Truth.

I love my wife more today than I did the day we were married. She is an amazing women and I blessed to have her be a part of my life.

In honor of our anniversary, I want to share a story I heard the other day. This story is how NOT to go about showing your wife how much you love her. The story was sent in an email to friends; it read like this:

Last Thursday was Bret and Samantha's 22th wedding anniversary. This year, Bret forgot and, therefore, had nothing to give his wife as a present when she had reminded him of it that afternoon. In her disgust, Samantha told Bret that if he did not have something sitting in the driveway that goes from ZERO to TWO HUNDRED by the next morning, he was going to be extremely sorry.

The next morning Samantha got out of bed and looked out the window at the driveway. To her confusion, there was a small wrapped package sitting in the middle of it. So, without hesitation she went outside, in her robe, to see what it was that Bret had gotten her. She took the package into the house and opened it. It was a scale!

Please be praying! Bret has been missing since Friday.


  1. Hi...We're from Calvary SLO and have mutual friends Chris Zurbach...Casey Meikle and have heard you live in Portland. We live on the SW side...if you ever want to hang out post you number or give us a call (805) 747-4760. Mike

  2. Is this the same Mike I hung out with for a day with briertone and sparrow's gate?

    Regardless, it would be nice to hang out and to make more friends up here.