Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Please Read This Post: News Coverage Clarification

My wife brought this post to my attention. It is from a Blogger that she reads regularly. She calls herself Mrs. Pear, and she has some very pertinent insight on the topic and situation of immigration in the United States. I am going to re-post the article here, giving Mrs. Pear full credit for it and ask you to read it and check it out for yourself, read the comments and post one yourself even.

Monday, August 20, 2007

News Coverage Clarification

Many of you have probably read the story of the illegal immigrant mother who was deported back to Mexico this weekend, being separated from son.

The news story I read certainly played up the tragedy of the division of a family, particularly that of a mother and her child.

You may have also heard of the singer whose work visa was revoked due to an arrest in her native country who had a few choice words for the US government.

Can I just point out four little things?

1. This is not unfair treatment only to illegal immigrants. This applies to legal immigrants as well. We are here on green cards, and if something happens and we have to leave the country, Miss Pear would be allowed to stay as she was born in the US (after we had been here for 6 years, legally). However, most parents do not choose to leave behind their children who were born in the US (and we would not leave her behind, we would take her with us as we could not bear for our family to be separated, nor would we allow her to be exposed and used as a political pawn). (I am NOT saying that this is why the child was left behind, and certainly hope it was not).

2. Children born in the US are US citizens, even if their parents were here illegally, and even if they leave the country for some period of time they can return on their own once they are of legal age. (Or as a family once the paperwork issue is corrected).

3. There is an expectation when you are given your work visa that you will be law abiding. Additionally, as part of your green card application you are required to pass both an FBI back ground check and a background check in your native country. This is one of the reasons they take your finger prints.

4. When a family welcomes you into their home you are a guest. It is no different when a country welcomes you. We are here legally, it took me 6 years to get my green card. It took my husband 7 years. It was very costly and we had to jump through many hoops and follow numerous guidelines that effected our everyday lives. Some we did not understand the point of, but we humbled ourselves and did it, after all, we are guests in this country.

I am certainly not looking to get into the whole immigration debate, but in talking to some of my US friends, the above facts were very shocking to them, so I though I would share here....

Updated to add: I really do not mind the restrictions that have been placed on us, the "jumping through hoops...we did not understand the point of." We view our residence in the US as a gift, not our right. Residency and citizenship should not be taken lightly. If the citizens of the US feel that these are things we need to do, and they must as their elected officials made these laws, then as a condition of our gift to be here we do them.

As for the requirements of citizenship, it certainly is not easy, but again, citizenship in any country should not be taken lightly, for the native born or the immigrant. Applying for citizenship, passing the test, and taking an oath make sense to me, after all, it makes sense to ask for permission, it makes sense to understand the rules of and political and judicial inner workings of a country you wish to be a citizen of, and it is nice to make it official, or so I am told. Of course, a lot can change in 3 years, when I can apply for citizenship, and 4 years when Mr. Pear can apply for citizenship.....

And if you are wondering where I got this attitude from? It is from the Lord, we felt strongly that He instructed us to:

Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.
1 Peter 2: 17

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