Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Continuous Worship Conference

Since yesterday I have been up here at the Continuous Worship Conference at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. Never before have I been so challenged with what worship truly is and how that should and does flesh out in our lives. Most other "worship" conferences I have ever attended dedicated all their time to the discussion of methodology and "tips" and formulas for "successful" worship services and such. This conference has been so much more than that. We have discussed the theological foundations of and the unceasing nature of worship and how that is seen in the Bible.

We are in the middle of a break right now, but I intend to come back and discuss some of the content and ideas presented in this conference.


  1. Right on. What a cool conference. I would love to have something like that for our small netwrork of friends and churches here.

    Anya and I are planning on going up to Mars Hill while we are in Oregon. Wanna go together?


  2. It was seriously amazing--the best conference on worship I have ever attended.

    As far as going there together...we should. They have an evening service that we could drive up and catch.

    Blessings on you guys.