Friday, September 14, 2007

Our Foster Daughter

Well, I should probably update everyone a little bit on what is new with us. For those of you who do not know, Taneesha and I have been pursuing the possibility of being foster parent for about a year now. We had begun the process a while back, put it on hold while our friend Amanda was living with us for a few months, prayed about it again, and started back up again a few months ago. All this to say, we are now foster parents and as of Thursday afternoon have been taking care of a little girl (almost two years old). She is sweet, smart, beautiful, and in need of love, which, by the grace of God, we have tons of.

We are excited, and nervous about this whole process and new chapter of our lives. We know that it will, at times, be extremely hard and trying. But, we also know that, at times, it will be extremely joyous and rewarding. So, if you think about us, please keep us and our f-daughter in your prayers.

Blessings on you all,

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