Friday, October 26, 2007

Fire Update

This is an update from my mom, and how things are going with them.

"Willie [my dad] was FINALLY able to go back to Ramona tonight. No one can use ANY water for about another few days to a week though. The fires are still going strong, but have moved out of our area. There are houses that burned down like five minutes from our house. It is incredible, devastating, and so very sad.

"Please be praying for all these people that lost their homes. Cori [my 8 yr old sister] and I won't go back until the sixth of November, but just be praying for her. It will be traumatic to see such devastation in the place where she lives. She has already been having a hard time. She has a stomach ache all the time and doesn't want to eat a lot of the time.
Thanks guys!
Love to ALL!!"

Like she said, let all of us remember to keep them, and the thousands of others affected by this tragedy, in our prayers. Prayer works, and prayer matters (see James).

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