Monday, October 22, 2007

Fires : Over 250,000 Displaced

There are fires raging all through the southern California (San Diego) landscape. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. My parents as well as my brother and his wife have already had to evacuate. This is worse than the fire that burned through there 4 years ago. It has done more damage in one day that all of the previous fires. Please be praying. There has been several deaths, and thousands could be displaced and left homeless before this is done. We are the body of Christ. Let us come together in prayer over this.

Pray for safety on the behalf of civilians as well as protection units,
pray that people will not be stupid (refusing to evacuate, needed to be removed by force and taking forces away from the fire),
pray for relief,
pray that the winds will stop (they are too strong to bring in planes,
pray that the believers in the area will step up, be encouraged, and be the hands, feet, heart, and voice of Jesus int his time.

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