Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A few visitors.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing Jake, Anya, and Maia. They stopped by for a few hours on the way back to their mom's. It has been over three years since we had last seen Jake, and longer than that since we had seen Anya. It was good to see them. It was a blessing.

ank you guys for stopping by. We will have to do it again in another three years or so.


  1. that is cool that you guys were able to meet up with the Knottses.

    i printed up the thoughts that wrote about the continuous worship conference and gave them to Olya who is the head worship leader. She liked them and translated them for our last worship team meeting and everyone was really encouraged. one of the guys response when asked what he thought was "it was phat", which is actually a word in russian...


  2. Danny...

    It was good to see them. Now we will just have to meet up with you two.

    And I am glad you guys were able to use them. It was really good. You should listen to the message from Driscoll. It was were most of that came from.

    By-the-by, what does "phat" mean in Russian?

  3. no, he didn't say "phat" he said жир which means fat and is used just like "phat".

    I'll download the driscoll message.