Monday, January 7, 2008


Transparency is not always something that is easy to find in the Church today. We (especially as Americans) have learned to build up walls around live as Islands...all alone...needing no one but our own selves. We pride ourselves on being self-sufficient. We build our own homes...we build our own careers...we make our own money...we buy what we please...we do what we please.

When this attitude spills over into the Church, we miss out on a lot...too much, I think. We were not created to live like the Lone Ranger. There is no such thing in Christianity. The Bible makes it clear that we were made to live in community with people (see Colossians & Ephesians,etc). We were made to share our lives with others...and God....this is how we function as the Body. We are ONE Body. When you look at me, you don't just see an arm, a leg, a neck, see ME...a Person...a whole...a body. That is how we (we Christians should know this) were made to Christ in the world.

So, anyway...yesterday there were a few testimonies shared during the course of our worship service. It was amazing. Some intimate things were shared about these people's pasts... Through this, it seemed as if the body really began to drop their walls a little bit. There was a true transparency that happened.

Gregg...our pastor...and I, are considering to this type of thing more often. I think people can feel safer when they know they are not the only sinner in the bunch. I was blessed...I know that others were as well. I encourage you transparently. Let others know that you are not are broken. Maybe they too will see that they are not alone...that Christ loves them and can change them.

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