Thursday, April 10, 2008

Because you should know better.

The other day, my 3yr old got in trouble for hitting his brother. And he said the typical words " but he hit me first", indicating his 1yr old brother. And I, of course, told him what every mother does. He shouldn't have but, you are older and know better.

Later in the week, M got a rude letter from a fellow Christian and I thought, "you should know better." I mean, we can't hold non-believers to the standards of the Bible but, we should hold believers to them. As a follower of Christ we should know better than to hurt and put down others. We should be encouraging, supporting, and when necessary exhorting them to higher standards, but it should be done with love and grace. We are the hands and feet of Christ. Those beautiful life-giving hands and feet that were pierced for us and we should act as He would. To build up and support, not tear down and stomp on. We should know better.

Just my thoughts lately.

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