Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eyore, or Pollyanna?

Being a mother of small children who does not like TV, we read a lot. A lot, a lot. And, many of the books we read are books I have read before in my own childhood. But it is amazing what I notice now as an adult.

This summer I found the Complete Works of A. A. Milne (otherwise known as the author of the "Winnie the Pooh" books) at a yard sale for $2.00! So, we have been reading through them with Lukas. I really enjoy them. Milne has this offbeat way of writing, and the characters are so funny.
All except Eeyore. Eeyore is one of the most depressing storybook characters I have ever come across. Everything is dull and dreary for him. He bemoans his lonely existence, his friendlessness, his poor home, his poor part of the woods, and his constant losing of his tail. When I read one of the stories about him, I find myself getting sad.

We have also been reading, listening to Pollyanna (book on tape, free from mom!). Pollyanna can find the sunshine in everything. She gets orphaned- "well at least she had parents", she gets hit by a car- "at least she's not sick", she's paralyzed- "at least she was able to use her legs before". I mean everything has a positive for her.

Then I wonder "who I am?" Am I a Pollyanna, or am I an Eeyore? Do I look at my home, my car, my health, my circumstances, my life and get depressed. Do I complain and bemoan about things, or do I graciously accept what the Lord has given me? Do I count the things in my life as blessings from a Heavenly Father? And do I find ways to be thankful in everything? I'm ashamed to say that for the last little bit I have been a fog-enclosed Eeyore---but no more. I want to be more like Pollyanna.

Life's rough but I'm alive; money's tight, but my bills are paid; My kids are both crying, but that just means that I have been overly and exceeding blesses to be called, "Mama."

So who are you? "Eeyore," or "Pollyanna?"

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