Wednesday, April 2, 2008

food for thought

I came across this quote on my good friend Daniel Foote's, "Quote of the Week," section of his blog:

If Darwinism is correct, and if we're all just accidents, and if we're all just haphazard descendants of a mud puddle; then Hitler was right--you can kill 6 million Jews and it has no moral significance at all, any more than wiping mud off your shoe would have.

- Ben Stein


  1. I got it from an interview R.C. Sproul did with Ben Stein on Google video.

    It's worth a watch.


  2. So true, but they would argue a moral code, that though we came from nothing and just happened one must treat others with respect. We must live our lives as each individual person sees fit, unless one physically hurts another. Hmmmmm..... So tremendously sad they can not see the contradiction in that world view... So you must keep on blogging, you never know who may stumble upon your (and other Christians) truth revealing site!! :)