Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unexplained Rash

Let me fill you in on our last few days. The other night Lukas was complaining of a soar throat and was acting really funny. That night, about ten minutes after he went to bed, about six minutes after I thought to myself "the last time Lukas had a soar throat, he puked all night ... I should get him a bowl just in case," Lukas starts puking all over his bed, and continued to have an eventful night.

The next day, Lukas did better and got to go out with Eli and play in the yard, pulling weeds for fun and the like. That night Eli's face looked re
ally dried and painful. So, I gave him a bath, put some lotion on his face, and put him to bed.

He slept horribly that night so I ended up sleeping in his bed with him. The next morning while I was at work Taneesha called and told me he had a rash all over his face and ears. He could barely even open one of his eyes. This was not just a little rash, a horrible rash. We got him into the doctor's office, though we couldn't see his regular doctor, just the physicians assistant, but she didn't know what it could have been. She gave some suggestions, but nothing definite.

By the time we got home, there were blisters all over his face and ears (see pictures below). We could not figure out what it was. Taneesha thought it looked like poison oak or something but the doc said it was not really season and that if they were playing where they always had they would have gotten it earlier. Taneesha, not being convinced, still thought it looked like the poison oak her mother used to always get. That is when I remembered that Lukas said that he and Eli had been picking weeds in the yard. He even mentioned he was popping little berries on one. I asked him to show me the plants... and to make a long story still pretty long... after looking at the plant, looking on the internet and talking to our parents, it turns out that we have a mass amount of poison ivy in our yard. Not only did we have little patches of the stuff showing up like little weeds, we have a berry producing little poison ivy plant
as well. It turns out that the berries are the worst thing you can mess with, they have the most oils and bad stuff in them. These berries are the thing they were popping between their fingers.

Eli, having dry skin in this season anyway could not help but rub his eyes, face, and ears. The poor little guy saturated his face in the oils of this devil plant. He is on steroids now, which are helping, but he is still in a ton of agony. His rash is starting to look better, but please keep him in your prayers. The poor little guy is miserable.


  1. poor little man...i hope he feels better soon, nothing is more miserable...i've had it that bad before

  2. I edited all my typing errors. I was trying to type and watch a movie at the same time.

  3. He is in our prayers! Tim and I now know what parents go through when their child is sick. Poor baby it looks so painful

  4. man.. i'm sorry to hear. I myself, am a victim of the poison oak curse.. though i've never experienced ivy. it's miserable.. all over me.. always. my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. ..i am not ryan. i am casy meikle.

  6. I'll be praying for you guys. I used to get horrible reactions to poison oak as a kid and I know how Eli feels.

    ... since there seems to be confusion as to authorship of comments...i am danny foote