Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Christians & Culture

"What you do as a member of the Church on Sunday should be consistent with what you do as a member of the Church the rest of the week, and vice versa. Thus, anything you can do privately as a member of the Church you can also do in community as a member of the Church. If you find that there is something you do privately that you cannot do in community then it is something you should not be doing at all."
- Cole Brown

I just got done reading a set of articles written by Cole Brown, a brother who pastors at Red Sea Church in NE Portland. Red Sea has started a ministry call "Reel Talk." This is a place where the community at Red Sea comes together to watch and discuss films. Cole has done a good job of interacting with the questions of what Christians should or should not watch, how we should or should not approach culture, and how to live missionaly. It is a quick read. I encourage you to take some time, read it, and let me know what you think.

Here is the url link for the articles (These are a 4 part series, the first one being at the bottom - scroll down to find it):
What Should Christians Watch?


  1. mike

    I liked his approach to watching films in that he broke down the reasons why people object to watching films with certain elements but I think he was to relativistic in his conclusions.

    The bible does give us a standard by which to judge what is wholesome and what is not and even though many christians do disagree on what that standard is doesn't change the fact that there is a standard. Light and darkness do not mix even though we are called to be lights in the darkness.

    I think that it is a mistake to gloss over sexuality in films because of varying standards. Sexuality is not like violence or coarse language and viewing sex/nudity does not have the same affect on a person as viewing an act of violence or hearing coarse language.

    His last post was the best though (the one you quoted), and it is a good rule of thumb for what we do and don't do.

    those are my thoughts.


  2. Danny -

    First off, thank you for your response. Blogging is much more fun when it can be done in community with discussion and interaction.

    That said, I agree with you. I appreciated Cole's heart and what he is trying to accomplish with "Reel Talk." I also agree that there is a difference when it comes to sexual content in film. It is very different than language and/or violence. Sexual content, especially when graphic, can be far more destructive to the mind and life of an individual. Even though it is, as Cole said, our own sinful desires that draw us to sin, I believe there is no need to fuel a fire that already exists within us. Violence and language, at least in my own life, do not have the same destructive effect as does certain forms of sexual content in film. So, in my pursuit of godliness and holiness I choose to refrain from certain films or images that are going to make that pursuit harder than it needs to be.

    This being true in my life, and I know in many others as well, watching film in community seems all the greater a concept and proposal. So, besides the specifics of certain content, I agree with the principles and purposes behind Cole and Red Sea's heart and actions in this.