Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is "Christian Music"

The "secular music" vs. "christian music" discussion is a one funny to me.

Think this through for just a moment...
Is Bach's "Jesu of Man's Desire" "Christian" or "Secular" music? Well, Bach wrote this piece for the Church for the purposes of worship, so I guess we can call it "Christian".

How about "How Great Thou Art"? This is obviously "christian music" right? But, what if it happened to be played in a PUB by Michael W Smith or some other Christian artist? Is it still "christian music"?

Well what if it happened to be played by Chris Walla (not a Christian) of Death Cap For Cutie, on a Hammond B-3? Is it still "christian music" or has it now become "secular"? What if Walla played the song in a church? What if he played it in the pub? What if OZZY sang it solo on stage?...etc. etc.
Ad Infinitum.

My question here is, when does music become "christian" or "secular"? Is there, or should there be such a distinction? What if we just call it what it is? ... MUSIC? When did "Christian" become an adjective?

What do you think? I would like to hear (or read... in a visual non-psychic sort of way) your thoughts. This post is not meant to be an attack or even an argument for one side or another. These are just my thoughts and I would like to hear yours. I respect most of you who follow this blog and value your opinion.

...So, what do you think?


  1. Can a created thing be innately Christian or un-Christian?

    Or is the way that it is used for the exaltation of Christ and the glory of God the criteria that makes something Christian?

  2. Danny...

    I see what you are saying. I agree with in a way. I am just wondering if we should talk about things this way. I would not argue with anyone because they use the word "Christian" as an adjective. It just seems to me that a Christian is a person, not an object. But, at the same time I could argue from the other side as well. My question is just whether or not, when looked at and thought through, we should be distinguishing things as either "christian" or "un-christian."

    What do YOU think? I just want to hear people's thoughts.