Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is G. R. A. C. E.

I was reading Bryan Stupar's blog today, and he had come across this little bit on Grace. I found it comical and thought I would post it here for those of you who do not follow his blog. I hope you enjoyed it as I did.

Grace, they say, is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. I don’t remember when I first heard that nifty mnemonic acrostic, but I know it was at a young age, and I don’t think I’ve outgrown it. It’s just a hook to hang some teaching on, and it’s a fine, sturdy hook.

But I have studied some more theology since then, and have learned that we can argue about anything, including definitions of grace. So here are some alternative acrostics; something for everybody.

For the Truly Reformed:
God Rejects And Conversely Elects

For Dispensationalists:
Getting Raptured After Charting Endtimes

For Pietists:
Good Religion = Affective Christian Experiences

For Barthians:
God-centered Redemption Allows Christocentric Eschatologizing

For the Christian Existentialist:
Genuine, Real, Authentic Christian Existence

For the Pelagians and Semi-Pelagians:
Go Re-enact All Christ’s Example

For Fundamentalists:
Gotta Really Agressively Confront Ecumaniacs

For the Eastern Orthodox:
Greek, Russian, Antiochene Cultural Expectations

For the other Eastern Orthodox excluded from that list:
Giddily Receiving Apophatic Creationless Energies

For Open Theists:
God Reconsiders, And Cooperates Exquisitely

For Feminist Theologians:
Gender Revolution Anticipates Church Evolution

For the Cessationists:
Generally Renouncing All Charismatic Experiences

For Pentecostals:
Glossolalia Received After Conversion Experience

For Charismatics:
Gombala Ramazoody Alleluia Chombalahombala Essanahanashanahana

For Theonomists:
Gospel Requires Absolutely Crushing Enemies

For the Emergents:
Generational Resentment Against Conservative Evangelicals

...Sorry if I left you out; or if I didn’t leave you out.

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