Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why are you crying?

Wow. This video clip is sad. It was passed on to me via email by my friend, Gregg. Many things went through my mind as I watched this little video clip. I will not even go into the things I am sure these individuals do not "weep" for (i.e. abortion, hunger, homelessness, euthanasia, etc.). I wonder, too, if they weep for the veggies they eat for nourishment (for I assume they are vegetarians).

In the book to the Romans, Paul speaks of people who are misdirected in their worship. The chose (or choose) to worship creation rather than the Creator. We can laugh at these people, we can poke fun or write them off as dirt-worshiping hippies, which I believe would be most of our initial responses, but I am not okay with that... not for myself. My heart breaks for these misguided individuals. Yes, they are idol worshipers (their idols being trees + creation)...  but so am I....    and so are you. Or at least we, being redeemed + made new, still have a tendency towards idolatry, each one of us serving + worshiping as we sacrifice our time+talents+treasure.

I was reminded of a song I used to play often back home, by the band Waterdeep. I will post the lyrics below for you to read over. But, I will end with this picture, and I hope it spurs us to pity those who are misguided in their worship. It is truly a sad sad thing. What I see in this video is children sitting the dirt, making and eating mud-pies while ignoring their Loving Father who is calling them to Himself to be Truly satisfied by a feast.

I Will Not Forget You
Many men will drink the rain
And turn to thank the clouds
Many men will hear You speak
But they will never turn around

I will not forget You are my God, my King
And with a thankful heart I bring my offering
And my sacrifice is not what You can give
But what I alone can give to you

A grateful heart I give, A thankful prayer I pray,
A wild dance I dance before you
A loud song I sing, A huge bell I ring,
A life of praise I live before You

Many men will pour their gold
And serve a thing that shines
Many men will read your words
But they will never change their minds


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  1. I like your response to this, John. The people in the video are obviously lost. But what was even more obvious to me was that they were searching. They were really trying hard to find something worth saving, some purpose worth being outraged about, something to give themselves over to. The sad part to me is that our typical response as Christians is to laugh at them rather than see what's really going on in their hearts and meet them with the truth only Jesus can offer. It seems that radical eco groups like these are part of the reason why so many Christians ignore important issues involving creation care. But it doesn't have to be this way. One of the positive things I see in these people is a desire to do something about the way we have abused the world we live in. While it may be a good guess that these people are worshipping the creation it could be that they simply care about the things that we Christians don't give a shit about. It is pretty obvious that they are drumming up emotions that are misguided and disproportionate to the wrongs being done to creation but this doesn't mean that they don't care. What is clear by the way that we Christians act is that we don't care. We don't care about the creation and, more importantly, we don't care about them. We'd rather distance ourselves from their cause then say "yes" to what they are doing well and then point them to the truth when it comes to what they are doing wrong. Just some thoughts.