Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Final Lap

Today the family drive into Portland so that I could register for my final semester of classes. This was crazy for me. I just registered for the last four classes of my undergraduate degree. This is what we moved to Oregon for. I am stoked on this. 

We started this journey in July of 2005. It was just Taneesha, our little one-year-old Lukas, me, and a hope for a future of serving Jesus in a real and tangible way. It is now over five years, and three kids, later and the end (the blessed end) is finally in view. This is the final lap and I can see the finish line ahead of me. This has been a long and hard, yet overwhelmingly fruitful and good road. 

I also, though, recognize that this is merely one leg of the journey coming to a close. So much more lies ahead for the Heck family. So much more is still yet to be accomplished by our Sovereign and Beautiful Savior, both through us and in us. We do not know what exactly the future holds (more school, more ministry, more kids?), but we know that Jesus does, and it is him that we are striving to follow after. It is him that we are striving to be made known. It is him we adore and hope to show beautiful and worthy of worship. Pray for us, if you would, as we continue on and begin to move into the next part of the journey.

Lord... we continue on.... lead us... we will follow.

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