Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"How Does Worship Transform Us?"

I am a musician. Even more so, I am a musician whose job is to lead the church in corporate musical worship -- I am a "worship leader." As such, I am keenly aware of the general understanding within the Western Church of what it means for one to worship. For many, worship is nothing more than the song one sings on a Sunday morning before a pastor stands up to teach what the Bible says about a given topic. There is just one problem with this understanding of worship, namely the Bible.

The Bible teaches us that we are all worshipers. In fact, we were born worshiping. The problem lies with where or to whom our worship is directed. We have two choices; we can worship the Creator God, or we can worship the creation. Even still, worship is more than all of this! Worship, or more clearly misdirected worship (otherwise known as idolatry), is the root cause of all sin for all people.

I could go on and try to explain this concept to you, but I will not. Instead I am linking to an article that I want you to read on the subject (How Does Worship Transform Us?). It is a post by Mark Driscoll in which he much more eloquently and fully explains what I am trying to get across. Please, read it. It is worth the 3 minutes it will take you to read it. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts in response to the article.

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