Monday, July 4, 2011

Pictures of Us

We have been rather negligent in updating our blog. Life at the Heck house is always busy and crazy (just like we like it, just without the busy and a little less crazy at times). Needless to say, the blog often takes the back burner. So, we figured an interlude of pictures would suffice till we can make more time for a proper update. Here you go.
Lukas @ the Zoo

Wyatt's glazed expression while figuring out how to decorate Easter eggs

Graceyn and Taneesha Darling posing for a quick shot between egg batches

Graceyn enjoying some swing time with Mommy @ Laurelhurst Park

Graceyn and Daddy on the slide @ Laurelhurst Park

Graceyn and Daddy taking a break @ Laurelhurst Park

Graceyn and Taneesha Darling @ the creek in Sandy

All the little Hecks taking a break @ the creek in Sandy

Pretty little Graceyn strutting her stuff in the backyard (Yes, she is walking)

Family portraits in Downtown Portland

The "Beastie Boys" in Downtown Portland

The coolest kids in town

Shy Graceyn in Downtown Portland

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