Monday, October 31, 2011

Reformation Day & Halloween Festivities

One thing that is nice about being in Oregon is that we get to experience a truly Fall season. In California, on the Central Coast, we experienced this season in theory, but never quite in actuality. There is just not enough trees back home. All of that to say, we enjoy celebrating our Fall holidays in the Heck House. Though we don't really get all into the whole Halloween thing, we do like to redeem the parts of this time that we can (here is a good article on the topic of Christians and Halloween if you wish to check it out). We also like to include a little shout out to our Reformation forefathers. The pictures that follow are a display of a little bit it the Heck House Festivities.

 Let the carving of the guts begin.
Dad, cutting the tops off of our of our pumpkins so the Punks can get to the guts. 
(We like to enjoy the roasted seeds)

Lukas' creation 
Wyatt's creation ( he needed a little help)
Eli's creation

The Reformation Celebration!
Charles Spurgeon
Martin Luther
 Jonathan Edwards
The Reformationists!
(Maybe we should start a band?)

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