Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When we found out that Emma Love was, in fact, going to be a girl we were very excited. We wanted, in light of the previous situation (3 older brothers), Graceyn to have a sister. I had a brother growing up and that was fun for me. Taneesha, though, only had a brother and always wished she could have had a sister too. There just seems to be a special bond that sisters have, and we wanted that for Graceyn.

Now that Emma is here, we can already see how much fun they are going to have together. I (we) look forward to seeing them grow up together and to get closer to one another. They will need to bond together if they are ever going to have a chance to hold their own with their 3 brothers in the house.

Here is a few pictures of the little girlies hanging out together.
 Can you spot the real baby?


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