Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting Married? Planning On Getting Married? Check This Out...

In my little circle of relationships it seems that there are several young couples that have decided to jump in, take the plunge, tie the knot (insert any number of other little phrases), and getting married. I need to say this: There is nothing intrinsically wrong with getting married young, or even getting married to someone you have not known for very long. In fact, nearly 13 years ago my wife and I got married when we were 19 and 20, and at the time we had only known each other for less than a year - about 10 months to be exact.
But, that said... and even though we are still married, still committed to one another, and still moving forward...getting married young is really really hard. Marriage is not something that we should ever enter into lightly. It is a life commitment. Regardless of what your particular views on marriage and divorce are, there is not way around the reality that a marriage, that relational oneness, that connection, is something that will last forever - regardless of how things work out.

Okay . . . so, all this to say I came across a pretty good article today that was put out my Relevant Magazine. Here is a little piece of the intro to the article:
In the Church, sometimes we make people who aren’t married feel like the JV team. Like they never really “made it.”
If you’re in your twenties and single, the odds are people ask you all the time, “Are you dating anybody? Do you like anybody? Know anybody?” And people are well meaning, but the subliminal message is, “When are you going to get married and actually start life like the rest of us?”
If you are young, and really, even if you are not, and you are thinking of getting married, I would encourage you, strongly, to read through this article and to think through your motives, the timing, the future, and even the character of the person you feel so very much in love with. Marrieage is never a thing to be rushed into. If this is person is to be your forever your mate, then they should be able to be patient with you as you think through these questions.
That's all I've got for today. I just felt I needed to get some thoughts out and link to this article. Be blessed today. Cheers!
Read the full article, 4 Questions to Ask Before You Even Think About Getting Married:

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