Monday, June 30, 2014

Music For Your Monday | Carolino "XII XXIX XIII"

Sometimes in life there are no words that can ever do justice to the emotion that we are feeling. It is hard, with words, to help people really feel and to experience what is going on in our heart. This reality is one of the things I love about ambient instrumental music.

This morning's video will take you on a journey through the joy and pain of Jon Carolino and his wife in a powerful way. Carolino's first release, WOVEN, was written in response to the conception of he and his wife's first little baby girl. This album, RUINS, was written in response to the tragic death of that beautiful baby girl. I could not imagine this. 

I have enjoyeJon Carolino's music for a while now and really appreciate his desire to allow his listeners a glimpse into his life and heart in this way. Thank you Jon for this.

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