Monday, October 12, 2015

Full Circle

10 years ago my wife and I, along with our 1 year old son, moved out of California to Oregon so I could pursue an education that would allow me to serve Jesus and his church more fully. Our heart and goal was for me to get my degree and then move back to our hometown to serve, build up, and pour into the community and people that raised us. Thus far in our journey I have been able to finish my education and get my degree, we have been blessed with 4 more children, but we have never been granted the opportunity to move back “home” to serve there. We had been OK with this, God’s timing and plan is perfect, but our hearts still longed to be home. 3 years ago Jesus led us to North Platte, NE, where I have been serving as the youth pastor. God has been good to us here. He has grown us, shaped us, and I hope used us in our time here thus far.

In July I was contacted by a longtime friend who told me her church, which is in our hometown in California (literally in the center of our hometown), was looking for a worship pastor and they wanted to know if I would be interested in submitting a resume. I thought to myself, “Sure. It’s a long shot, and God would have to move mountains for this to ever happen...but, let’s see what God does with this.” To make a long story still somewhat long, after visiting the church and after much prayer and consideration I was offered the position at Harvest Church in Arroyo Grande, California and I have accepted. My family and I will be transitioning out of ministry here at Bethel in mid-December of this year.

It is with an excited, but very heavy heart that I share this news with you. It is, what my kids call, “sweet & sour... happy and sad at the same time. I am excited because we are finally getting to see what God put in our hearts over a decade ago come to fruition. This is huge for us. All our family and friends from childhood are there. My heart is heavy because I have loved serving bethel church. I have enjoyed the relationships I have built with the leaders and students in this ministry. I have cried many tears these past few weeks. If you know me well, you will not be surprised by that. I feel as Paul the Apostle probably did when God had moved him away from the churches and people he loved. A piece of my heart will stay here.

I am asking that you would pray with us as we take these next steps. Miracles still need to happen as we move forward in this. For our Bethel family, please know that we are also praying with you during this exciting time of transition that God is bringing you through. I know he is on the move, and I am looking forward to seeing what he does in you and through you all. 

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